I-Zone 2012

The latest edition to the wireless family
120 wireless games built directly into the system (includes 77 repeated games)
Play the games from a distance of up to 50 feetĀ 

This game console is loaded with 120 classic arcade style games in the English language. With I-Zone 2012, you don't need to buy any additional cartridges as all the games are built into the system. It's very easy to set up. Just connect the RCA cables to the TV and power AC adapter then you are ready to play. The Power Player game even plays on batteries so it works with almost any TV, in almost any country! Power Player has lots of full-length favorite Arcade games.

Package Includes:
1 Console with 120 built-in games (includes 77 repeated games)
2 Wireless controllers
1 RCA audio/video cables (used for connecting to a TV)
1 AC 110V Power Adapter
(batteries not included)

Featured Games on the I-Zone 2012
(R)= Repeat Games

Super Mario 3 Sky Kid Formation 2
GI Joe Xevious (R) Exerion
Contra 7 (R) Wrecking Crew (R) Bird Week (R)
Adventure Island Tennis Binary Land (R)
Hello Kitty (R) Yie Ar Kung Fu Zippy Race (R)
Contra 2 (R) Brush Roller (R) Bomber Man
Tiger Mario (R)
Space E T Mario Bros
X Man 2 Devil World Battle City
DJ Boy Dig Dug Wrestle
F1 Race Pyramid (R) Donkey Kong (R)
Arkanoid (R) Popeye Pac Man (R)
1942 Pooyan Arabian
Magmax (R) Pinball Burger Time
Ice Hockey Lunar Ball (R) Hello Kitty (R)
Gyrodine (R) Karateka Contra 7 (R)
Geimos Jewelry Bird Week (R)
Galg (R) Galaxian Xevious (R)
Flappy Field Combat Galg (R)
Exed Exes (R) Lode Runner 2 Zippy Race (R)
Elevator Action Star Gate Pyramid (R)
Chubby Cherub (R) Star Force Chubby Cherub (R)
B Wings Star Arkanoid (R)
Astro Robo Sasa (R) Sky Destroyer Ice Climber (R)
Mighty Bomb Jack Road Fighter (R) Soccer (R)
Twin Bee (R) Ninja Kun Donkey Kong (R)
Super Mario 2 Millipede (R) Road Fighter (R)
Sqoon Mappy Zippy Race (R)
Spelunker Macross Pyramid (R)
Spartan X (R)
Lode Runner Chubby Cherub (R)
Son Son Ice Climber (R) Arkanoid (R)
Soccer (R) Galaga Contra 2 (R)
Millipede (R) Chubby Cherub (R) Millipede (R)
Spartan X (R) Arkanoid (R) Spartan X (R)
Gyrodine (R) Tiger Mario (R) Bomber Man
Tiger Mario (R) Magmax (R) Wrecking Crew (R)
Field Combat Lunar Ball (R) Pac Man (R)
Twin Bee (R) Astro Robo Sasa (R) Brush Roller (R)
Magmax (R) Millipede (R) Exed Exes (R)

Binary Land (R)

Spartan X (R) Millipede (R)
Pyramid (R) Gyrodine (R)  

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