2015 Power Kracker
No big console to lug around
Just plug the contoller into your TV monitor and play 76 classic arcade style games
Even plays on batteries

This game console is loaded with 76 classic arcade style games in the English language. Games include Packman, Galaga, Super Contra,  Super Mario, Tetris II. It's very easy to set up. Just connect the RCA cables to the TV, plug in the power AC adapter, and you are ready to play. The 2015 Power Kracker even plays on batteries, so it works with almost any TV in almost any country, or even in a car! Power Kracker has a lot of you favorite full-length arcade style games.

Package Includes:
Built-in expansion slot for additional game cartridges of your choice (No extra cartridges supplied)
N 64 style controller
1 Sega style controller for second player
1 laser gun for shooting games
1 RCA audio/video cables (used for connecting to a TV)
1 AC 110V Power Adapter
(batteries not included)

Featured Games on the 2015 Power Kracker

Contra Burge Time Galaxian
Knight S Partan Dr Mario
World Soccer Island Ice Climber
King of Fighter Wild Gunman Hogans Alle
Tekken Ice Ocean Galaga
WWF Arabian Mice Love CA
Tetris II Helicopter Zippy Race
Super Mario Donkey Kong Calculator
Arkanoid Lode Runner Clay Shootin
1942 Battle Field Toy Story
Star Force Antarctic Tennis
F1 Race Sky Destroyer Pin Ball
Popeye Balloon Flight Lunar Ball
Galaga Millipede Monkey
Jumping Circus Charlite Sqoon
Knight Golf Pooyan
Mr Pacman Clu Clu Land Contra
Stae Gate Desert Tank Duck Hunt
Space ET Combat Barger Time
Mario Bros Baseball Exute Bike
Exerion Magic Jewele Formation
Road Fighter Macross Doctor
Dig Dug Milk & Nut Mappy
Twin Bee Slacom Bomberman
Binary Land Speed Tank Urban Champion
Devil Word Exerion Road Fighter

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