2013 - Powerzone Wireless Game Console

111 wireless games built directly into the Penguin Console
Play the games from a distance of up to 50 feetĀ 

This game console is loaded with 111 classic arcade style games. Categories include: Adventure, Arcade, Car Racing, Shoot-em Up, Sports, and much more! It's very easy to set up. Just connect the RCA cables to the TV, then plug the AC adapter and you are ready to play. With 2013 Powerzone, you don't need to buy any additional cartridges as all the games are built into the system. Easy on-screen game selection allows you to scroll through list of 111 Games and choose the one you want to play.

Package Includes:
1 Penguin Console with 111 built-in games
Built-in expansion slot for additional game cartridges of your choice (No extra cartridges supplied)
2 Wireless controllers (each controller requires 3 AA batteries - not included)
1 wired gun that plugs into the penguin console
1 RCA audio/video cables (used for connecting penguin console to the TV)
1 AC 110V Power Adapter
Instructions Included

Featured Games on the 2013 Powerzone

Contra Teenage Turtle Harry Potter
Street Fighter Super Mario Hello Kitty
Adventure Island Tiny Toony X Men
Ms. Pacman Donkey Kong Wild Gunman
Tetris II Arkanoid Paperboy
Duck Hunt Tank Wrestle
1942 Mario Brothers Ms. Pacman
Little Mario Bomb Jack Pacman
Hunter Donkey Kong 1 Dig Dug
Bomberman Defender Clay Shooting
Magic Jewel Star Force Galaga
Exerion Space ET Binary
Burgertime Battle City Lode Runner 1
West Gunman Ninja Guider Antarctic
Sky Destroy Ice Climber Excite Bike
Brush Roll Hogan Alley Zippy Race
Tennis Pinball Pooyan
Joust Lunar Ball Warpan
Devil World Formation 2 Lode Runner 2
Raid On Bungling Bay City Connection Baseball
Yie Ar Kung Fu Golf Clu Clu Land
Urban Champion Macross Milk Nuts
Donkey Kong 2
Baloon Fighter Super Arabian
Millipede Five Chess Combat
Donkey Kong 3
Orchard Kavass Galaxian
Bird Week
F1 Race Circus Charlie Chackn Pop
Road Fight Knight
WWF Mario Brothers Tank B
Star Soldier Islander Dr. Mario
Mickey Mouse Island Mach Rider
Gyrodinge Ice Ocean Quarth
Mo Ya Jin Mario Hero Hero Island
Mario Adventure Pro Wrestling Jumping Kid
Spartan Arkanoid Ball Dig Dug 2
Sasa Son Son Pony Cat
Xevious Soccer Challanger

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