128-In-1 Game Cartridge

Plays on any Power Player or 8-bit systems
No Repeat Games!!

128 non-repeat games are jam packed with classic arcade style games into a single game cartridge. You can use this cartridge on any Power Player or system with an 8-bit game slot. Compatible with Power Player 76000/12000/128/ AND Wireless111.

Package Includes:
128-in-1 Game Cartridge

Featured Games on the 128-in-1 Cartridge

Contra Aladdin World Soccer
Super Mario Tekken WWF
Tetris II Super Mario Arkanoid
1942 Star Force F1 Race
Popeye Galaga Mighty Bomb Jack
Bird Week Five Chess Stargate
Space ET Mario Bros Exerion
Road Fighter Dig Dug I Twin Bee
Binary & Land Door Door Spartanx
Super Dynamix Wild Gunman Ninja I
Super Arabian Helicopter Donkey Kong 2
Load Runner II Front Line Antarctic
Sky Destroyer Balloon Fight Millipede
Circus Chambie Golf Clu Clu Land
Desert Tank Combat Baseball
Urban Champian Macross Milk & Nuts
Slalom Speed Tank Elevator
Brush Roll Ice Climber Hogan's Alley
Burger Time Zippy Race Calculator
Clay Shooting Toy Story Tennis
Pin Ball Lunar Ball Monkey
Sqoon Poovan Joust
Duck Hunt Gvrodine Excite Bike
Formation II Painter Mappy
Xevious Pacman Hyper Olympic
Hyper Olympic 2 Pica Chou Mag Max
Bomber Man Magic Jewellery Devil World

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